Your House Rules

Custom rule sets designed by Mr. Game! fans just like you!

Reroll City! Teleportation Madness!!

by Izzhov, (A.K.A. Monsieur Game)


SETUP: Remove all Tiles from the Tile Deck that aren't Number Tiles, Blank Tiles, and Portal Tiles!

HOUSE RULE #1: If you land on a space with another player on it, send them back to the space you were on before you rolled that turn! (This doesn't apply if it happened as a result of an Action or Badge, such as Pull.)

HOUSE RULE #2: If there's only one Portal Tile on the board, and you land on it, roll a single die. The result of that die determines which of the four numbered spots you teleport to! If there are multiple copies of the number corresponding to your roll, you can pick which one to teleport to. And yes, if your roll results in a number that matches the goal, you win the game!

HOUSE RULE #3: At any time, anyone can "flip" their card to redo one of their rolls if they don't like the result. If they do, they have to wait until they roll a double before they can unflip it and use this effect again.

HOUSE RULE #4: If you draw a blank card, you can play it as a Badge to redo one of your rolls. If you do, that card moves to the 4 purple spaces in the center of the board. Any player who lands on those spaces gains the blank cards that are there!

HOUSE RULE #5: If you roll to move, and the result would allow you to reach a purple tile, you may choose to reroll.

HOUSE RULE #6: If at any time a blank tile is placed under you, roll 2 dice. Pick one die to correspond to the cardinal direction (north/south/east/west) you move off of it, and pick another to correspond to the number of spaces you move in that direction. If this places you on another blank space, repeat the process!