Your House Rules

Custom rule sets designed by Mr. Game! fans just like you!

Mr. Camel

by Mr. Magic

Simply speaking you just combine the Mr. Game! rules with the Camel Up rules and your game is going to get a lot funnier. Have fun playing our house rules - we are very excited to play your house rules as well!

SETUP #1: You have to switch the Player Pieces to something more stackable - for example the camels in Camel Up, or coins (a penny, a dime, a nickel, etc).

SETUP #2: Mr. Game is chosen. Mr. Game then decides which player begins (we often play it as a Mr. Game democracy, where everyone has 1 vote).

SETUP #3: Shuffle your new Player Pieces and stack them one by one from top to bottom. After that you can use any additional Mr. Game rule (we often play the Rainbow thingy and it works perfect with Mr. Camel).

HOUSE RULE #1: If a player who is under your piece has to move you are moving with him. So you always carry those above you around. (But if you are the top one and you roll to move, you have to move alone).

HOUSE RULE #2: If someone walks into a spider-web everybody else can walk over him, as he blocks all the stickyness.

HOUSE RULE #3: If a player is moved (with a card, or just generally) all player pieces above move with him.

HOUSE RULE #4: If a player gets into the nirvana all the pieces above and under him are in the nirvana too.

HOUSE RULE #5: Also if you walk into a Portal and there is only one Portal on the board you stick to it. (All the players above you stick to it, as its gravitational pull is so strong). When there are three Portals (lol) on the board you have to roll the dice to decide which exit you may take. 

WIN CONDITIONS: As normal, someone must land on the goal to win. However, if you walk on the goal only the Player Piece on the ground wins.