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Custom rule sets designed by Mr. Game! fans just like you!

Custom Color Card Mayhem

by Hunter (A.K.A. Damian)


SETUP: The 8 colored Player Cards are not used to keep track of which player is which. Keep them in their own deck, shuffled. Read on to see how they are used...

SYNOPSIS: One thing I really wanted to take advantage of when it was my turn to be Mr. Game was the 8 colored ? cards that match the 8 player tokens. I decided to have each one add a different rule to the game! When we played I did it on each turn cycle, but in actuality I think it'd be better if there were some other way for the players to rotate through them - maybe they could roll one of the dice and hit a 4, or something, to be able to switch to a new card. I had the cards determined at random but this is also totally up to the players / Mr. Game. 

This is what each of them did:

WHITE - "Pac-Man" style movement! You can move yourself off the side of the board to reappear on the other side of the board. I had a house rule that it couldn't be the winning move 'cause it'd be broken, as well as not being able to do it if there was a null space on the other side, but in the spirit of the game, I think that should be up to Mr. Game.

BLACK - You can move on null spaces! Potential house rule: If you end your move on a null space, you have to expend your whole next move to move one space off of it.

RED - Everyone can only move diagonally!

ORANGE - You can jump over null spaces! How that's calculated is up to Mr. Game!

YELLOW - You move the sum of your 2d4 roll instead of choosing one of the two dice!

GREEN - Immediately after you move, you draw a Tile and place it on the board!

BLUE - Instead of 2d4, you roll 2d6! (requires extra materials, but lots of people have dice)

PURPLE - Reverses [ ! ] and [ ] spaces!

We played with one of those in effect at all times, but of course there's any number of extra fun rules or other stuff players could do with 'em, and naturally they could invent more rules options too for the cards. I think it's a pretty fun and chaotic use of the 8 colored cards though, with a lot of potential for playgroup creativity!