The Game

Race to the goal, before it moves! Make up House Rules during the game. What kind of Mr. Game will you become?

It's happened to everyone at one point or another. You're halfway through a board game with friends when suddenly a rule discrepancy comes up. You double check the rules, you look online, you even check the errata - and still find no answer. Finally, the group just makes a decision about what to do based on what they think is best. Play continues, and a house rule is formed.

Most designers hope this never happens with their games. But what if you designed a board game with this all-too-common occurrence in mind? What if the game's rules were crafted in such a way to ensure that players can come up with varying interpretations? What if one player was designated to be the final arbiter of all of these decisions?

Race To The Goal - Before It Moves!

Mr. Game! is a modern take on the classic family "roll-and-move" genre of board games. Most of these games follow a pretty familiar pattern: start at point A, get to point B.


In Mr. Game!, "point B" can change throughout the course of the game. When play begins, everyone goes to the space marked with a 1 at the top left corner of the board. A Goal Marker is placed on the space marked with a 4 at the bottom right. If you manage to land on the 4 before the goal changes to a different number, you win! Be warned, however - the goal can become any of the numbers on the board at any time. You'll have to hedge your bets carefully if you want to win the hectic scramble to the finish line!


The game comes with a large mystery deck of over 100 cards to draw from. When you land on or are moved to a space with a on it, you draw a card and see what it does! These cards can alter your character's abilities, give you secret actions, or permanently change the state of the game. Read more about cards here.


Tiles are movable spaces that can be placed anywhere and override the effect of what is below them. Place these on the game board to change the landscape of the game, or trap your friends in a prison of their own human pride! Read more about tiles here.

Who Is Mr. Game?


When the game begins, someone volunteers to be Mr. Game. This person plays just like everyone else, but they have an additional responsibility - they must ensure that play continues by any means necessary. If anything arises during the course of the game that is not covered explicitly by the rules, it's Mr. Game's job to make a decision on the spot so the game can resume.


Mr. Game's rulings may not conflict with the game's rules, or any of their own previous decisions. Mr. Game may not revoke or alter any of their rulings once they've been made. They also may not make decisions that only apply to one specific person or group. If Mr. Game ever breaks any of these guidelines, they may be impeached by the other players and forcibly overthrown.


What will you do during your administration as Mr. Game? Will you create fair, bias-free rules based solely on the presumed author's intent behind each game mechanic? Or will you bend each ruling in your favor, imposing your will on your friends with an iron fist? On the surface, Mr. Game! is a chaotic party game with zany cards. But on a deeper level, it's a board game about conversation, law, precedents, justice, persuasion, and tyranny. What kind of Mr. Game will you be? The only way to find out is to play!


( 1 ) Game Board

( 1 ) How To Play Booklet

( 1 ) Alternate Gametypes Booklet

( 104 ) Cards

( 18 ) Tiles

( 8 ) Player Pieces

( 8 ) Player Cards

( 2 ) Four Sided Dice

( 2 ) Goal Markers

( 4 ) Blank Cards