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Mr. Game! - The Chaotic Party Game

Kickstarted on April 8th, 2015

Released on November 15th, 2015

Game Design and Artwork by Frank DiCola

Additional Game Design by Tim Barbara, Kenny Goff and Nick Pagano

Recommended for 4 to 8 players

Suited for players Ages 12 and up

Game time averages 30 to 60 minutes

Categorized under Party, Casual, Light

Published by Margrave Games (2015), then Game Revenant (2016)

MSRP is $35.00

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Be a JERK. Make up RULES. Troll your FRIENDS!

Mr. Game! is a modern twist on the classic family "roll and move" party game. What begins as a simple skeleton for an American board game quickly becomes a unique experience that is never the same twice! With fast "gotcha" mechanics, modular components that inspire creative play, and the innovative "Mr. Game" role, Mr. Game! is sure to be an experience unlike anything you've played before.

Before the game begins, one player is chosen to be Mr. Game. This player is still part of the game - they have a piece on the board just like everyone else - but their special ability is the power to add rules to the game. This can happen at any moment and take any form. As long as Mr. Game doesn't contradict a rule in the rulebook, the text of a game card, or their own rules, whatever they say goes! The twist is that every rule Mr. Game creates must last the rest of the game, and cannot be changed or revoked. Many first-time Mr. Games foolishly "rule" themselves into a corner, leading to their untimely downfall.

The game is easy to learn because the core rules are simple, and the advanced rules are created during the game by you and your friends! In Mr. Game!, everything is open to interpretation. Don't worry about the dice and the luck of the draw - your job is to bend Mr. Game's ear to make the rules work for you.



  • Easy-to-learn rules
  • Large group game
  • Giant "what's in the box?" deck of chaotic cards
  • Modular pieces (tiles) that add spaces to the board, or delete pathways
  • Spirited debate over rules, fairness, and written language
  • Classic board game look and feel




( 1 ) How To Play Booklet - The endless interpretation begins here, with the rulebook. How will YOU break the game?

( 1 ) Alternate Gametypes Booklet - Tired of playing classic mode? This guide has some interesting variants on the core rule set.

( 1 ) Game Board - Get to the goal before your opponents to win the game. The goal can change at any time, so stay frosty...

( 2 ) Four Sided Dice - Quirky and pyramidal!

( 104 ) Cards - Drawing a card to see what you get is half the fun of Mr. Game! Cards from this deck can help you, hurt you, or just plain confuse you. If Mr. Game made a fun decision during this game, chances are it's because someone drew the best possible card at the worst possible time.

( 8 ) Pieces - This represents your position on the Game Board.

( 8 ) Player Cards - These cards help you remember which color you are.

( 18 ) Tiles - These movable spaces can be used to change the landscape of the Game Board.

( 2 ) Goal Markers - These markers are used to keep track of what the current Goal Number is.

( 4 ) Blank Cards - These cards have the Mr. Game! back face, but a plain front. Create your own cards and play with them!


"This is a game that rewards people who enjoy trying to find rules loopholes while they play. The party doesn't really start with Mr. Game! until people start trying to argue the rules to their advantage on each and every turn." - Engaged Family Gaming,,

"If you're looking for mindless fun where you can really stick it up to your friends right before they win, you should pick this one up." - Board to Death,

"Mr. Game! is unique. Not only is it a game with real rules and a real objective, but it’s also very much an open sandbox, where players are encouraged to tweak, twist, break, and crunch different rules together to form new and exciting ways to lose." - Father Geek,

"The game is utter chaos, but the good party kind that you play with friends who love you one minute and probably want to stab you the next." - Gamer's Haven,

"Most games, even great games, dont bring new ideas to the table. [...] This is new. This is something I've never seen before in a game, where the rules are intentionally left fuzzy. [...] It's just this crazy, out-there concept that works." - Bower's Game Corner, Video Review

A review and components overview by Bearded Meeple.



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